Welcome to my personal webpage. If you're looking for general info about me, check out my about page. If you're looking for my contact information, I can probably most easily be reached at Jeff@JeffBain.ca. I will probably see it immediately, and respond to it at my leisure.

My name is Jeff Bain. I'm a software developer based in Toronto, Ontario. I like to code and I like to ride bikes.

I like to build stuff, mostly web based. I'm most comfortable in Python and Javascript, but I'm generally pretty flexible. I don't put much stuff up on it, but I have a Github.

Outside of software, I'm fond of politics. If you want to see me get riled up about politics, you can find me on Twitter as @JeffBain. I get particularly passionate about Municipal governance, because Urban planning is an interesting problem and it is the level of government that tends to get the least press usually.

I also like personal finance. It's a fun mix of psychology and willpower and an optimization problem on your spending. Any fun problem that has tangible effects on your real life is good to focus on.